Nanoparticles in vaccines?!

lezing/film – van 14:00 u. tot 15:00 u. – Industriemuseum - MIAT, zaal 4.6 Palladium
Voor: volwassenen

A Pecha Kucha is a presentation of 20x20 seconds. Short and to the point! In this 6'40" presentationLivia Naszalyi Nagy will tell you everything about nanoparticles in vaccines. And... there are more English-spoken Pecha Kucha presentations in this series. You are invited to discover them all!

Thanks to the unusual, size-related properties of nanomaterial we enjoy flat-screen TVs, smartphones, antireflective lens etc. in our every-day life. Nanoparticles can bring new solutions to medicine, too. They can carry several different molecules on their surface, therefore can act as a multifunctional vehicle. Vaccines we obtain as children are important to avoid deadly contagious diseases. But there are diseases against which there are no vaccines yet. In the case of cancer, the one difficulty is to identify those slight differences that exist between cancerous cells and healthy cells – both being recognized by the immune system as our own cells not to be destroyed. Another problem is that even when cancer-related antibodies are identified, they cannot elicit a powerful immune response without adjuvants when used in vaccines. Nanoparticles also can act as immune response boosters, if the cancer-related antibody and the adjuvant are presented to the immune cells attached to their surface.
This lecture gives an insight to the development of one nanoparticulate system designed to be vaccine carrier. The process being very long, we are at the stage of material synthesis and analysis, prior to biological evaluation. We wish to answer questions like: what is the size and form of the nanoparticles? What is their surface chemistry? Under which conditions do they bind the vaccine adjuvant molecules? How many adjuvant molecules can they bind? What happens when the decorated nanoparticles are put into the medium that is applied to the immune cells?

Door: Livia Naszalyi Nagy, Marie Curie research fellow, UGent