How to convert wastewater to heat or electricity?

lezing/film – van 14:00 u. tot 15:00 u. – Industriemuseum - MIAT, zaal 4.6 Palladium
Voor: volwassenen

A Pecha Kucha is a presentation of 20x20 seconds. Short and to the point! In this 6'40" presentation Yohannis Tobo will tell you everything about wastewater. And... there are more English-spoken Pecha Kucha presentations in this series. You are invited to discover them all!

Do you know where your wastewater goes? No worries if you don't. Most people don’t know where the wastewater they produce goes, and also they have no idea whether wastewater has a value or not. Yohannis will highlight how wastewater is treated and organic compound derived from wastewater is converted to useful energy, such as heat or electricity.

Door: Yohannis Tobo, UGent