Fake films in 1900?!

lezing/film – van 14:00 u. tot 15:00 u. – MIAT, zaal 4.6 Palladium
Voor: volwassenen

A Pecha Kucha is a presentation of 20x20 seconds. Short and to the point! In this 6'40" presentation Mario Slugan will tell you everything about fake films in ...1900! And... there are more English-spoken Pecha Kucha presentations in this series. You are invited to discover them all!

Did you know there is a genre of films around 1900 which were called "fake films"? Essentially people would present their films as actual recordings of current events - wars , sports matches, famous passion plays, etc. - but they would in fact be made in a studio or another unrelated location. There were also films which amounted to present-day "fake news" - purported recordings of sensationalist events (lynching, murder, etc.) which actually never took place.

Door: Mario Slugan, UGent