Assemble, mobilise, impact! Gentenars’ way to (digital) social innovation

lezing – van 14:00 u. tot 15:00 u. – Industriemuseum - MIAT, zaal 4.6 Palladium
Voor: volwassenen

A Pecha Kucha is a presentation of 20x20 seconds. Short and to the point! In this 6'40" presentation Chiara Certomà will tell you everything about a citizen-lead project in Ghent. And... there are more English-spoken Pecha Kucha presentations in this series. You are invited to discover them all!

Co-creating, commoning, sharing: a new imaginary of participatory city is rising. Citizen-lead innovative experiences - from consultation to engagement - are impacting city planning, urban metabolism and the governance of socio-environmental sustainability. Interactive web and digital participation processes promise to democratize the mode of interaction between administrations, civil society, research and private actors. Is this happening in Gent? Is the new (digitally-enabled) participatory knowledge and policy-making model transforming the governance of Gent?

The presentation is part of the CROWD_USG project, a Marie Skłodowska-Curie research project by Chiara Certomà exploring how increasing ICT-people interactions are transforming the way in which citizens take part in the production of information, sharing of knowledge and decision making about the planning and management of environmental issues in their city.

Curious about it?

Door: Chiara Certomà, UGent