The shrinking world of amphibians

lezing – van 13:30 u. tot 14:00 u. – De Krook, verdieping +2, Vergeten Straat
Voor: volwassenen

There is a genuine amphibian crisis taking place. Of all the wondrous frogs, toads and salamanders that roam the world, hundreds of species are being threatened in their existence and many have already gone extinct in recent years. A complex interplay of human threats lies at the basis of this, but unbeknownst to many, diseases play a strong role in causing their demise. Although the crisis thus far mostly hit frogs, a similar faith seems to await salamanders. What makes amphibians so vulnerable? Will they be able to adapt to their new world, and what are scientists doing to create a future for amphibians?

Door: Jesse Erens, UGent

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