The flavor of chocolate – Grey!

lezing – van 16:00 u. tot 16:30 u. – De Krook, verdieping +2, Vergeten Straat
Voor: volwassenen

Can you produce different chocolates with distinctively different taste from the same cocoa?
With ‘bulk’ cocoa contributing over 95% of global cocoa production, yet, characterized by a strongly acidic, intense cocoa and less fruity/floral notes, there is the need for exploring various sustainable methods to maximize the flavor of ‘bulk’ cocoa and chocolates. Michael's talk challenges you to think outside the box (‘fine’ versus ‘bulk’ flavor) by revealing for the first time how the harnessing of pod storage (a zero-cost, on-farm practice) could be a more sustainable option to bridging this gap.

Door: Michael Hinneh, UGent

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