Is insect-food really a thing?

lezing – van 14:00 u. tot 14:30 u. – De Krook, verdieping +2, Vergeten Straat
Voor: volwassenen

Insect-food has been around in the media during the last years. Maybe you have even seen some insect products in the supermarket but they have quickly disappeared from the shelves. So, what is necessary to convince the consumer to buy these products? Should these products need to be tasty but nasty? Can food scientists produce the ultimate cricket brisket? In this lecture, we will show the strategies taken to increase insect-food acceptance and some examples of tasty insect food. Join us on this talk, and who knows, maybe you will be convinced to taste some insect food products by the end of the talk!

Door: Daylan Amelia Tzompa Sosa, UGent

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