Can selenium-enriched bioproducts become environmental-friendly micronutrient supplements and fertilizers?

lezing – van 16:30 u. tot 17:00 u. – De Krook, verdieping +2, Vergeten Straat
Voor: volwassenen

Selenium is an essential trace element for humans and animals with a narrow window between deficiency and toxicity levels. Application of conventional chemical selenium fertilizers to increase the selenium content in crops could result in secondary soil and water contamination due to the low utilization rate of Se. Therefore, it may be beneficial to produce slow-release Se-enriched organic fertilizers locally from Se-containing (waste) water. This may contribute to the worldwide drive for resource recovery and circular economy. Meanwhile, producing Se-enriched bioproducts with high protein content could contribute to improve the Se intake in Se deficient areas. In this talk, we will explore and assess the Se-enriched bioproducts(microalgae and duckweed) generated from (waste)water as potential micronutrient feed supplements and fertilizers.

Door: Jun Li, UGent

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