Are you what you eat?

experimentenmarkt – van 10:00 u. tot 17:00 u. – De Krook, verdieping -1
Voor: kinderen, volwassenen, gezinnen

With the rise obesity across the world, Obesity-related liver diseases resulting from inflammation due to the excess fat burden now represent a huge problem for which currently there is no cure. The means patients often require liver translation which is both expensive and risky. In our lab we are investigating the role played by the immune system in causing the disease by investigating two types of immune cells macrophages and dendritic cells. Pop by our stand to learn how we identifying and study these cells using state of the art technology and have a go at finding the rare cells in the liver yourself with our fun game. Also, come see how these cells look in a piece of liver and how the liver changes throughout the course of the disease. Finally learn more about the human cell atlas project to which we contribute to, investigating every cell of the human body.

Door: Charlotte Scott, UGent en VIB

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